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Engine Snow Blower
Name:Engine Snow Blower
Model: DB7552E01MEZ/76524F01ME2/76524E01MEZ

MODEL DB7552E01MEZ DB76524F01ME2 DB76524E01MEZ
Engine: Chinese engine Chinese engine Chinese engine
Power(hp): 5.5 6.5 6.5
Stage: Two Two Two
Clearing width(mm): 560mm 600mm 600mm
Clearing height(mm): 510mm 405mm 510mm
Throwing distance: 0-9m 0-9m 0-9m
Forward/Re speeeds: 4F/2R 4F/2R 4F/2R
Chute rotation: 180° 180° 180°
Electric start(120/230V): optional optional optional
Battery start(12V) : no no no
Heated handle: optional optional optional
Wheels: 13" 12.5" 13"
Auger type: Serrated Serrated Serrated
One hand operation: optional optional optional
Chute material: Steel Steel Steel
Easy fast assembly: yes yes yes
Plastic panel: no no no
Drift cutter: optional optional optional
Metal chute: yes yes yes
Fuel capacity(L): 3.6L 3.6L 3.6L
Oil capacity(L): 0.5L 0.5L 0.5L
Noise level,db(A): 104 104 104
G./N.WEIGHT(kg): 88/78 82/72 88/78
Carton size(cm): 97X69X76 91X61X73 97X69X76
20"/40"/40"HQ(pcs): 60X126X126 60X135X135 60X126X126


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